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Re: [tlug] MySQL 4.1.15, or MySQL 5.0?

Godwin Stewart wrote:
On Sat, 06 May 2006 22:09:08 +0900, Dave M G <> wrote:

Unless someone steps in right now and says something like "Dude, you don't want to go to version 5 if you have ___ data in your database!"

What I'd do is make a backup of my mysql DB directory, upgrade, and see
what blows up (if anything).

If anything *does* blow up, I'd restore the backup I'd made previously and
revert to MySQL-4.1.x.

Trial and error.

Yes I very much agree. It's easy to backup, the databases are generally in /var/lib/mysql/. I would just copy the whole directory to /var/lib/mysqlback/ or something like that. Make sure that's were they are first.

As to the disagreement on php I thought it was rather pointless myself. I figured I could post back about it and then you'd post back about and so on and so fort, but with nothing really helpful happening. So I just left the discussion.

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