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Re: [tlug] Dell Dimension-C Autopsy - Specifics!

Godwin Stewart wrote:

On Wed, 29 Mar 2006 19:59:55 +0900, "Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon"
<> wrote:

but if there is no information given, then it is absolutely and totally

Okay then. This is the information you want:

Any PC manufactured around 1999 to 2000 is potentially subject to the
"exploding capacitor" phenomenon.

No.  That is misinformation!  Not 100% of every computer model
manufactured by every computer manufacturer had this problem!  If you
don't have any information, then fine - but if you have some actual
information, then it would be appreciated.  Back to the Dell Dimension-C
- that model was apparently only marketed in Japan and it seems to have
been OEM manufactured by Acer in Taiwan.  THAT is information!  "Any
computer..." is not!


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