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Re: [tlug] Dell Dimension-C Autopsy - Specifics!

Godwin Stewart wrote:

I've seen ABIT ans ASUS mobos with bulging/leaking capacitors. As for what
brands of PC used those boards, I couldn't tell you, but I guess that it's
practically all of the big brands.

Thanks!  Any information is helpful!

You're not going to be able to whittle it down to a list of brands and/or
models that were affected for people to cross-reference when they're
looking for a 2nd hand machine. It just isn't that clear-cut. For one
thing, a used PC on the list could well be unafffected by the problem or
could have been repaired. Secondly, the problem affected EVERYONE.

I know, but still, some information is better than no information!  If
someone has personal and direct experience with hardware failure and
they report the manufacturer and time frame of the device, it can
potentially save someone from buying into that hardware on the used
market.  If they give no information, then the used computer buyer is
that much more at risk.

Thankfully, however, the market in used computers is usually rather slow,
which means that few people should be affected by the problem nowadays.

Well, of the 40+ computers I've bought over the past ten years, only 3 of them were new. I nearly always buy used computer, whether the market is slow or not! If someone can provide information that helps out even one person on this very overpopulated planet, isn't that better than keeping the information secret? We're not talking about calling for a boycott of anyone's products here - just specific information about specific models - that may or may not be useful, but if there is no information given, then it is absolutely and totally worthless!


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