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Re: [tlug] Dell Dimension-C Autopsy - Chemical Spill!

Jim wrote:

[LHS] one of them [bad cap] leaked a very dark brown goo that flowed about 8cm across the main circuit board - that's probably the detail that stopped the board from functioning.
The presence of the goo on the board is likely _not_ what caused the board to fail. The _absence_ of the goo from the inside of the cap is what caused the board to fail. _Most_ of the bad caps I've seen did _not_ leak.
So *most* of yours *didn't* leak. Okay, that means that *some* of them *did*. How many? Specifics please!!! Related to that - after explaining how I hadn't been meaning to suggest that the brown goo caused the death of the computer, but rather only indicated which capacitor it was coming from, I had a closer look at the board and two things occurred to me.

1) (Actually, this thought occurred to me *before* I took a second look.) - A *liquid chemical spill* on an *electronic circuit boast* is a *very bad* thing!

2) Looking at the path the liquid chemical spill took, it flowed over the legs of one of the boards IC chips! Ouch! Liquid chemicals flowing over IC chip legs... no, I don't think I want to waste my time trying to fix that board!


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