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Re: [tlug] Palm/Linux connection woes.

On 水, 2006-03-29 at 14:45 +0200, Godwin Stewart wrote:
> Does anyone here have any further ideas or am I going to have to start
> using udev? 

udev is not necessarily the answer. You should be able to use the static
device just as well. Now, I sync my Palm with my machines at home and at
work. Both run Gentoo, both with udev. My home system works fine -- I
sync with /dev/pilot which udev creates properly when I push the hot
sync button. On the computer at work, /dev/pilot gets created with the
correct permissions, but I get the dreaded ``Cannot bind to pilot''
message. I have to specify /dev/ttyUSB1 as the PILOTPORT. Go figure.
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