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Re: [tlug] Call for speakers for September TLUG meeting

On 9/2/05, Stephen J. Turnbull <> wrote:
>>>>> "Ian" == Ian Wells <> writes:

    Ian> Which reminds me, on a topic change, has anyone seen
    Ian> Eclipse's compile-as-you-type-and-show-you-the-errors
    Ian> feature?

No.  How does the UI work?  When you complete a statement, it feeds it
to the compiler?

When it gets a moment to itself (and it really is just a moment, maybe 1 second) it runs Perl over it to syntax check it and highlights the results.  Looks potentially quite processor demanding, but running Perl over a file is quite rapid if you're jsut syntax checking, and I imagine Python's even better.  It does tend to come up with unfortunate errors if it catches you in the middle of something, as you'd expect, but that's not especially annoying and if you're still typing they soon go away again.

In order to integrate it to Emacs I guess you'd want to start by improving the compiler system so that it highlighted lines and then work from there to running the compiler, if it's not already running, over a temporary copy of the code.  Hmm...

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