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Re: [tlug] JPG & GIF Issue

bruno raoult wrote:

>> [LHS] I had a batch of four .jpg files that I put on a floppy with a 
>> W-box, and then when I was pulling them off the floppy with a Linux 
>> box (SuSE 9.3), one of them was producing an error that forced me to 
>> hit "skip" to get past it.  I reworked the file and retried a few 
>> times, but it was consistently producing the same error, so I 
>> starting thinking about what was different about that file.....
> A few more details are needed:
> What was the error message (always the #1 information).

Right.  Sorry.  I should have written it down.  I think it said it 
couldn't access it....

> What do you mean by "pulling"? Copying? Opening in an imaging software?
> Only in the second case, you could think about a problem on the jpeg
> file (unlikely).

I meant copying from the floppy to the hard drive.  The strange thing 
was that the half-downloaded file could be opened - but only half the 
picture was there.  Subsequent tries produced varying amounts of the 
file, but never the whole thing.  All other files were okay and the .gif 
version of the file was no problem....  I think that if the file could 
have been fully copied over to the hard drive, then there would have 
been no problem reading it, but it couldn't be copied fully from the 
floppy.  Can different compression rates affect the ability to copy 
files?  It doesn't seem like they could, but that was the only thing 
different about the file from the others (and it wasn't just a broken 
file - I resaved new versions of the file that were newly created from 
the original .tif file and got the same result).

> More likely, the floppy could not be read for some reason.

Right.  But that "some reason" seems to have something to do with the 
.jpg compression rate.....(?).....


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