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[tlug] JPG & GIF Issue

I'm not posting this to ask for help, but rather because I think it 
might possibly be of interest to someone working extensively with image 
files, particularly if they regularly transfer them back and forth 
between a Linux box and a bloody W-box.  I've done this a lot, and an 
odd problem came up yesterday....

I had a batch of four .jpg files that I put on a floppy with a W-box, 
and then when I was pulling them off the floppy with a Linux box (SuSE 
9.3), one of them was producing an error that forced me to hit "skip" to 
get past it.  I reworked the file and retried a few times, but it was 
consistently producing the same error, so I starting thinking about what 
was different about that file.....

It's a very high contrast image (naturally so BTW, not a digital 
creation), that produces a smaller .jpg file size than a typical photo 
(trees with all their different shades of green produce larger than 
usual files in .jpg).  So... I tried converting it from the original 
.tif file into .gif instead of .jpg and it works fine.  The image is the 
first one on this page:

I got a non-scientific gut feeling about why the .jpg file wasn't 
working, which led to the .gif file solution, so if there's any info 
about this sort of thing that anyone can toss into the wires, I would 
find it highly interesting.  Again, I don't need help with this issue, 
but anything about image files I would be quite happy to read.


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