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[tlug] [JAPANESE_BEGINNER] Good Startup Tools/Tips?

Greetings Tlug!

I'm about to learn the wonderful Japanese language and I'm also a big 
Linux fan. So what would be a better place to ask a few questions 
concerning the Japanese language than the Tokyo Linux User Group?! ;)

So here my 5 questions:

I've just finished learning all Hiragana characters and will soon 
begin with Katakana. Are there any programms/tools to support or 
speed up this learning process for Linux? 

Do you use any special programms to learn Japanese 
Vocab/Grammar/Rules? Which one?

Your favored Dictionary Software?

What'd be the best choice if I want to have full/best Japanese 
character support? What do you use?
- mailer: (Sylpheed?)
- IRC-client: (xchat?)
- editor: (vim?)

5: In short - what proggie(s)/website(s) do I need to make my PC 100% 
Japanese capable?

Background: Debian unstable (mostly KDE 2.2 but also 3.1 components, 
WM is Windowmaker)

enjoy the day
Ben :)

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