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Re: [tlug] [JAPANESE_BEGINNER] Good Startup Tools/Tips?

On Wed, 2003-03-05 at 15:39, Ben Gator wrote:
> Greetings Tlug!
1-3: gjiten (2 for gtk2 support), with Jim Breen's edict and other
dictionaries are helpfull, along with kanjipad. There is also some
kdrill program somewhere.

> - mailer: (Sylpheed?)
Its a good choice, but I expect Evolution, when it gets stable for gtk2,
will be great for any language. (I hope anyway)

> - ICQ/AIM/MSN/JABBER-client: 
I like gnomeicu, and I have always had problems with gaim, ymessenger
and gabber. Maybe the java versions for icq and yahoo messengers?

> - IRC-client: (xchat?)
dont know, have never tried japanese there. But since its working with
gtk2 I would think yes.
> - editor: (vim?)
any editor that support plain text files and enough encodings plus yudit
(yudit has had the best i18n support i have found so far)
> 5: In short - what proggie(s)/website(s) do I need to make my PC 100% 
> Japanese capable?

Again, I like gtk2 and gnome, and I think when 2.4 gets here it will
support i18n pretty much, but so far, I have found that everybody says
japanese locales are not utf8 ready yet, so 100% support is a bit away

I would really much like to help them, but I have no idea about how to
build a locale, and who are working on those locales (dont want to
duplicate efforts)

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