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[tlug] [annce] January Meeting 2003

Dear TLUG members, 

I'm so sorry for the last-minute announcement (and excuse my English! I
had to write this in a rush.) Everyone please come join.  This will be a
relaxed and casual gathering. If you have new Linux toys to show off, or
if you're interested in doing a short technical presentation (can be 10 -
20 minutes up to one hour), please drop me a line, or just show up at the

Looking forward to seeing you!

 ---- Tokyo Linux Users Group January 2003 Meeting Announcement ----

All Linux lovers, and supporters of open source code and free software are
invited to attend the next Tokyo Linux Users Group meeting. Membership is
open to anyone. There are currently no membership dues or entrance fees.

Date:	Saturday, January 18th, 2003

Place:	Leading Edge Co., Ltd.

	(This is our last meeting held at Leading Edge's hall. 
	We'd like to thank Leading Edge for hosting our meetings
	regularly since 2001. For directions, please visit 

Time:	13:30 (until around 17:00)


	1. Spam Prevention: Attend if you run your own Linux mail server!

	Jim Tittsler will speak briefly about some of the more recent
	spam detection/prevention/filtering techniques including
 	SpamAssassin <> and SpamBayes

	2. Election

	This year, we're looking to elect new president who can
	serve the wonderful Tokyo Linux user community for the year

	President's job includes organizing technical meetings,
	(i.e., finding a meeting hall and speakers) set the general
	direction for the group, boss around the other officers (just
	kidding!) and promote the use of linux through technical
	meetings and drinking parties.

	Currently, the key positions are held by members listed below:

	President (domainname caretaker):	Ayako Kato
	Uvae Prez:	Mauro Sauco
	Sysadmin:	Sajjad Zaidi
	Listmaster:	Josh Glover
	Webmaster:	Yoshihiko Baba
	Auctioneer:	Jim Tittsler
	Tresurer:	Tim Meggs
	(ShadowPresident:	Alberto Tomita)

	3. Project at OSDL Japan

	OSDL (Open Source Development Lab) currently hosts TLUG's server
	free or charge in their Yokohama datacentre, on the condition 
	that TLUG proposes a Linux-based project with them, for which 
	they will provide development environment. This is a great way to 
	contribute to the open source community. 

	If you have any suggestions, please bring them here for us to 
	discuss and participate in. 

	For more information please visit

	4. TLUG auction and misc topics

	(Please see Jim's posting - our auctions are great fun!)

After the meeting:

	We'll continue our meeting over some beer. (Place TBD)


	Mauro ......090-2492-0840 (Keitai)
	Kato  ......070-5591-7003 (PHS)

---- End of announcement ---- 

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