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Re: [tlug] HELP cannot connect to the sound daemon

On Thursday 27 June 2002 09:41 pm, Josh Glover wrote:
> What a kludge! Everyone knows that
> echo 'esd&' >> /etc/rc.local
> is the One True Way to invoke the esd spell!

The reason I reffer to pico is because I explained him how to use  it and it's 
the only editor he has installed .. 

> Beware the call of the Dark Side, my young Padwan! (pico ain't OSS,
> switch to nano!)

nano sucks as well as pico , I preffer a plain vi  My Obi-wan, but pico it's 
the only editor he has in his machine .. 

echo 'esd&' >> /etc/rc.local  # means more confusion  and a lot
                                           #to explain for a beginer

pico /etc/rc.local  # gives him an idea of what is he doing.

Loyalty of a Padwan

While on a planet where there is nothing but "PICO" , Qui-gon is captured by a 
rebel band. Obi-wan alone can save him, but he must go against his Master's 
orders to do so. He will find what it means to be Loyal to his Master


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