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Re: [tlug] HELP cannot connect to the sound daemon

Martin Arballo wrote:
> OK Josh,
> everyone knows it, but I didn't because I am not EVERYONE.

Oops. I am sorry, Martin. That was not meant to taken seriously. I was 
just arguing with Mauro about his waste of CPU cycles by invoking an 
editor when a simple echo would have gotten the job done.

Please don't flame! ;)

> I hope I can become a wizard like most of you in the future, but the 
> only thing I can do right now is to sit down in front of my computer, 
> sorrounded by linux manuals and reading the tlug mails in order to 
> understand that magic software!!!

That is an attitude that will take you far. Reading manuals and lurking 
on mailing lists is The Right Thing (tm) to do if you wanna learn Unix. 
Take a look at ESR's "How to Become a Hacker"[1] and "The Logintaka"[2] 
for serious and humourous (respectively) looks at how to become one with 
the Unix.

See my next mail for the answer to your previous question. Cryptic 
enough? ;)


Josh Glover <>

Associate Systems Administrator

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