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Re: [tlug] unsubscribe

Stephen J. Turnbull ( wrote:

> I _was_ going to say "all the administrivia trap catches at XEmacs is
> [un]subscribe messages" but that's not surprising given the audience.

Perhaps it does work better on Mailman, then.  In Majordomo,
if you turn on Administravia, any message that contains one
of its keywords anywhere in the text will be rerouted to the
list owner.

> I think it's interesting how far filtering technology has progressed,
> though.  And to think it's all driven by human stupidity; none of the
> advanced filtering tools I know of were designed to help smart people
> do their work directly.  They were all developed on the spur of
> weeding out the dummies and other productivity-reducers.  :-(

That is a real shame.  Stupidity and greed (on the part of open
relay operators and spammers, respectively) are why we have a spam
filter set that approaches being a work of art.  If we didn't need
it, we could spend a lot more time doing a lot more productive
admin stuff and would only need half as many MXes as we have.

Weeding out some people was what first drove me to learn procmail
many moons ago, too.  It was only later that I started using it to
sort mail that I wanted :-)


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