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Re: [tlug] unsubscribe

[Josh Glover (Re: [tlug] unsubscribe) writes:]
>> B0Ti wrote:
>> > If it's possible to write a filter for the listserver (mailman ?) or mailserver that 
>>  > would send an autoreply when the unsubscribe request is sent to
>>  > the list, that might help.
>> > BTW, wasn't this topic discussed a few months ago once?
>> Yup, and disgarded for the simply fact that this message may well have 
>> been caught by
>> the filter. We decided that the occasional flaming of someone who posted 
>> "unsubscribe" to the list was better, IIRC.

Quite so. We can't do without the opportunity for some gratuitous
flaming. This was a cabel decision, ne?


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