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Re: [tlug] unsubscribe

Stephen J. Turnbull ( wrote:

> It's solved, too.  By mailman, at least, and presumably many other
> popular listservs.  Just check "Administrivia Filter", or port the
> Python code to whatever we're using.

I don't how good (or bad) Mailman's Administravia filter is, but
Majordomo's is enough of a PITA that most list-owners turn if off.
The hassle factor of having to type *nsubscribe and to do this for
any keyword that Administravia will pounce on just isn't worth it.

We can ignore them, or send them the URL of how to do it.
In keeping with our philosophy that we expect people to
think and learn, I favor the URL approach.  Once they have
unsubscribed, they can cease thinking and learning, but
they'll have to think at least that far :-)

Humorous apropos:

Once upon a time a few people at a certain ISP ran a list called
ml-bozos.  Every address on it belonged to someone who had posted
an unsubscribe message to a list.  Every message on ml-bozos contained
a link to unsubscribe instructions and also carried those instructions
in the footer.  Despite this, they tell me, all people ever did was
post messages screaming about "Why am I subscribed to this list?!"  
Few of them figured out on their own how to unsub, despite the fact
that they were being given detailed instructions in every mail.


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