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[tlug] Re: unsubscribe

Josh Glover wrote:

> Yup, and disgarded for the simply fact that this message may well have 
> been caught by
> the filter. We decided that the occasional flaming of someone who posted 
> "unsubscribe" to the list was better, IIRC.

Hmm, you could do something more complicated like having a script
autoreply with a mail having another unsubscribe HOWTO and at the end a
text like "If your message is supposed to be discussing the unsubscribe
process or the filter triggered because of the programmer being stupid,
please reply with $RANDOMCOOKIE in the Subject and your mail will bypass
the filter."

Then again, as long as it does not happen too often, occasionally using the
flamethrower is probably good enough :-)

Tobias								PGP: 0x9AC7E0BC

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