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Re: [tlug] mail header

>>>>> "Brett" == Brett Robson <> writes:

    Brett> Is AOL in Japan?

Very much so.  Don't you watch Japanese TV?

    Brett> Perhaps this mail did originate in Japan but "appeared" on
    Brett> the internet via a gateway ( in the US? The time
    Brett> zone is EDT as well.

    Brett> ayashii?

Not at all.  Ever heard of "callback services" for telephone, where
you call the US, and a computer there makes simultaneous international
connections back to you and to your party?  When I signed up 11 years
ago, it was cheaper to call Kyoto from Tsukuba via Kallback than via

The Japanese Internet is (at least, has been) worse.  When I first
signed up for GOL, not only was it cheaper than the Japanese
alternatives, with better international bandwidth, but for years I got
an order of magnitude better bandwidth routing Mule Lab <-> Otsuka <->
Stockton, Calif <-> GOL <-> Tsukuba-dai (by hand, FTP Mule -> GOL,
then GOL -> Tsukuba-dai) as opposed to the "direct" route through
IMNet.  Note that both Tsukuba-dai and ETL are among the
best-connected organizations in this country (and were then, too).
Not to mention that the Mule Lab is a physically short (45 min) hike
from my office....

Historically, most European nations routed international Internet via
MAE East outside of Washington DC.  I think things are better now.

So, not ayashii at all.

Institute of Policy and Planning Sciences
University of Tsukuba                    Tennodai 1-1-1 Tsukuba 305-8573 JAPAN
 My nostalgia for Icon makes me forget about any of the bad things.  I don't
have much nostalgia for Perl, so its faults I remember.  Scott Gilbert

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