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Re: [tlug] unsubscribe

On Wed, 26 Jun 2002, Jack Morgan wrote:

> This just describes how to subscribe to tlug mailing lists.

not just how-to-subscribe.  it also describes what's considered to be
appropriate topics.

(unless i'm hallucinating)

some time back, several people contributed opinions and ideas for a
full-fledged FAQ for the mailing list.  I still intend to finish that ...  
but my other (88-key) keyboard arrived and occupied all my time when i was
about to work on it.

> I recall this was section 8 of the FAQ.

now THAT's more specific ! thanks :)

i have a feeling someone (before our time) replaced it with what we have
now. i'll go excavate again and let you know if we still have the old one
which we can merge into the new one.


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