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Re: [tlug] unsubscribe

On Wed, 26 Jun 2002, B0Ti wrote:

> I didn't mean to block emails that contain the word anywhere in the
> body or subject of the email. Rather:  Check if Subject is
> "unsubscribe" and/or Body is only "unsubscribe". 

... but how many unsubscribe messages actually matches that description ?

typically the unsubscribe messages take the following forms:

1. subject is unsubscribe, body is empty
2. subject is unsubscribe, body is not empty (.signature, etc)
3. subject is unsbusrcieb, body is empty
4. subject is unsbusrcieb, body is not empty (.signature etc)
5. subject is Re: unsubscribe foobar, body is flame

the only case were we should send autoreply is when the message matches 1.
but the majority of the intended unsubscribe requests come in the format
of 2 through 4, don't you think ?

(5 is there for the fun)

the message body should be empty. but the filter should also work if
people inadvertently included their signature/footer messages.  a simple
string matching just wouldn't do....


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