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Re: [tlug] unsubscribe

On Wed, 26 Jun 2002 15:04:17 +0900 (JST)
ayako kato <> wrote:

> On Wed, 26 Jun 2002, B0Ti wrote:
> > I didn't mean to block emails that contain the word anywhere in the
> > body or subject of the email. Rather:  Check if Subject is
> > "unsubscribe" and/or Body is only "unsubscribe". 
> ... but how many unsubscribe messages actually matches 
> that description ?
> typically the unsubscribe messages take the following forms:
> 1. subject is unsubscribe, body is empty
> 2. subject is unsubscribe, body is not empty (.signature, etc)
> 3. subject is unsbusrcieb, body is empty
> 4. subject is unsbusrcieb, body is not empty (.signature etc)
> 5. subject is Re: unsubscribe foobar, body is flame
> the only case were we should send autoreply is when the 
> message matches 1.
> but the majority of the intended unsubscribe requests come in the format
> of 2 through 4, don't you think ?
> (5 is there for the fun)
> the message body should be empty. but the filter should also work if
> people inadvertently included their signature/footer messages.  a simple
> string matching just wouldn't do....

if Subject StartsWith "unsubscribe" sendAutoReply
if Body StartsWith "unsubscribe" sendAutoReply

Isn't this simple? I think it covers all the unsubscribe attempts.

An alternative to the centralized solution is that all listmembers should
add a procmail rule to their .procmailrc that would send out the
AutoReply, so we wouldn't have to stress the listadmin to implement this.
And the poor guy would receive a few dozen (hundred?) replies in different
flavors. ;)


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