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Re: [tlug] Apache: getting http and https (SSL) to work at the same time

On 24 Jun 2002 19:55:32 +0900, "Stephen J. Turnbull" <>
wrote to

> You mean built-in rather than as a DSO?
> I think that means that it comes with mod_ssl which is not actually
> officially part of Apache if I read the docs right.  I wonder why
> Debian doesn't provide a diversion, if so.

I think you'll find that it is indeed a DSO. When configuring mod_ssl you
have to give the path to the Apache source tree, so I guess it's going to
dump something in there - most likely code which will ne compiled to a DSO -
in which case Apache's makefiles have to be modified too. Thus the enhanced
syntax of apachectl and the message after doing "make install" giving
explanations about start and startssl.

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