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Re: [tlug] Apache: getting http and https (SSL) to work at the same time

>From: "Stephen J. Turnbull" <>
>is what you need.  If you don't specify LISTEN at all, the interface
>and port default.  If you specify one LISTEN, the defaults aren't used.

That's what I tought too but the default conf file specifically states that 
these are ports to be used "in addition to the default." So specifiying both 
ports didn't do it.

I can't find any good documentation on the web (yet) and the books I have 
only say how to get Apache working with SSL but not how to do both. The best 
info I could find on the web was:

"use Apache's elegant virtual hosting facility where you can easily create 
two virtual servers which Apache dispatches: one responding to port 80 and 
speaking HTTP and one responding to port 443 speaking HTTPS."

So I will look into setting up virtual servers.

For a quick fix though ... the is a conf/httpd.conf.default file. At the end 
of that file you can find a bunch of directives (including a virtual host 
container). I just copied that part into my httpd.conf file, restarted 
apache and I can now get HTTP *and* HTTPS to work.

I still don't understand how it all works but I'll parse the file, study the 
directives and see if I can make sense of it.

Oh, I started apache with apachectl start and that works fine. But there is 
also a startssl switch for apachectl, but it doesn't seem to do anything 
differently. Any know what it is for?


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