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[tlug] does any one has information about NEC multiwriter 1000 LW printer

Hello All
  Hope you are doing nicely & enjoying world cup

  2 years back, I purchased this NEC multiwriter 1000
LW printer from akiabara. and i swear to god that this
printer has never printed a single page for me.
It came with a manual in japnees, and 2 sets of driver
disks one marked as
  NEC PC98000 & other IBM PCAT

I tried configuring it in linux but no use, i tried
printing in windows but no use, i tried mailing to NEC
japan, no use.

I am wondering if some one has this printer, can you
please tell me how do you configure it in linux, I
have red hat 7.2 kernel 2.4.17, and windows 98.

if you know any other printer which is NEC OEM for
this printer please let me know, it may help.


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