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Re: [tlug] does any one has information about NEC multiwriter 1000 LW printer

On 6/21/2002, "nitin kakkar" <> wrote:

>  2 years back, I purchased this NEC multiwriter 1000
>LW printer

>I tried configuring it in linux but no use, i tried
>printing in windows but no use, i tried mailing to NEC
>japan, no use

A better description of your problems and what steps you've
taken to solve them would be helpful, but at the least,
start here:

If the printer doesn't work in Windows either, you may have the wrong
drivers (you don't mention what version of Windows you have, but then
again, who cares if things work in Windows or not? :-) - if it's XP, any
driver disk from two years ago probably won't work.  If you have a 
Win2K driver, it probably (but not guaranteed) will.

This assumes that the printer doesn't seem broken or anything, of course.



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