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Re: [tlug] Watching dvd in Linux

Jack Morgan wrote:
> I finally got around to setting up my dvd player in Linux. I'm using
> Mplayer as it has the best support for libdvdcss AFAICT. Anyone else
> watching dvd's in Linux? 

Mplayer sucks. Use vlc!

I have not played with Mplayer, but I have used both vlc (VideoLAN 
Client)[1] and xine[2] to successfully watch DVDs. xine does not 
natively support encrypted DVDs, as they are unsure of the legality of 
the various and sundry decss libraries floating about. However, a plugin 
is available (I think the xine guys even give you the link off of their 

VideoLan is a really kewl project, IMO. They are trying to come up with 
a streaming MPEG client-server system. I have not played with the 
server, but I like the client a lot. Full-featured, plays most of my 
DVDs pretty well. Of course, there is still the occasional segfault, 
which I do not see much with xine.

How is Mplayer in terms of stability and features (DVD menus, language 
and subtitle selection, etc), Jack?



Josh Glover <>

Associate Systems Administrator

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