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[tlug] Re: Piping stderr?

>>>>> "Mike" == Mike Fabian <> writes:

    Mike> What about glob patterns:

OK, you've got me.  (Aside: even ten years after I last worked on a
DOS program, I still sometimes forget that on Unix the shell does all

Side note: it doesn't matter so much in Japanese, since Japanese is
essentially unordered:$ zsh
    tleeps18% ls
    が  しますした。  で  の  帰社  汽車  記者  貴社
    tleeps18% ls [汽帰]*
    zsh: no matches found: [\M-f\M-1\M-=\M-e\M-8\M-0]*
    tleeps18% ls {汽,帰}*
    帰社  汽車

But of course it very much does matter in languages where you do want
to use character ranges.  I guess you might want to use a negated
character class in Japanese, and that won't work correctly, either.

fsck, what a mess.  You either have to go to UCS-4 or UTF-8
internally, or you have to teach the shell to understand how to
recognize characters in all the locales.  Obviously I prefer the

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