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Re: [tlug] Japanese character input for KDE

Edward Davies wrote:
> Hi Josh,
> Thanks for the reply.
>> Urk. Have you checked out the archives (are they working today ;)?
> They most not be working.  A search on "KDE" came back with nothing, 
> which I thought was kinda odd.

Excellent. He who searches before posting is a friend of mine. The 
archive search works on and off (Chris's fault, obviously), so I am not 
surprised at your lack of luck there.

>> The answer boils down to this: input in X is application-specific, not 
>> global to a Window Manager.
>> E.g. if I want to be able to input Japanese in Mozilla Mail, I do 
>> something like:
>> kinput2 -canna &
>> LANG=ja_JP mozilla -mail &
>> Ya dig?
> Uhh...kind of..I'm kind of a Linux Newbie.  Is that something I can just 
> enter from the command line, or does it belong in a file somewhere?

Either. (And there is no shame in being a newbie, as long as you do not 
pretend to have a clue! ;)

You can open up a terminal and enter the above commands, or you can make 
a script to handle it for you. You could make a ~/bin/ script 


if [ ! -n "$1" ]; then
     echo "Usage <application>"

IM_EXEC="kinput2 -canna"

pgrep $IM >/dev/null || $IM_EXEC &
LANG=ja_JP$IM $1

And then do something like ~/bin/jlaunch mozilla. Ugly, but effective.

Josh Glover <>

Associate Systems Administrator

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