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Re: [tlug] maybe a repetitive question about distros

On Wed, 12 Jun 2002, Josh Glover wrote:

> > Why the dostros have to divide in Distros for Experts and Distros for really
> > really newbie! I would like that exist a Distro for the user with medium
> > knoledge!!!
> I think that Redhat is actually good at this. I started out on it, and I
> didn't know much about running a Unix box. So I used the Redhat tools to
> help me out. Eventually, I gained some skills, usually when the Redhat
> tools didn't do what I wanted, or I needed finer control. Now, I still
> use Redhat, amongst other distros of Linux, as well as BSD and Solaris,
> and I certainly leave the Redhat tools alone, no longer needing their
> "help". So Redhat supported my transition from newbie to cluebie very well.
> Again, just because Redhat can and wants to hold your hand, you do not
> have to let it. Ultimately, you must take the chore of learning Unix
> into your own hands, so a good distro (IMO) is one that allows you to
> take more and more responsibility as you can handle it.

To throw fuel on the fire, I am a big fan of Slackware, I know it doesn't
recieve a great deal of press, but it is a plain linux that mimics some of the
older UNIX distributions. I would tend to term it as a "common sense"
distribution, becasue if you dont know how to do something you can read the
docs and away you go. It is also un-hindered but a complex config util, which
makes it very easy to poke at the inner workings, or even, as I have done
strip it down and make your own Linux distribution that suits you.


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