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Re: [tlug] Partition Mounting Strategies

Charles Muller ( wrote:

> I tried to accomplish this by editing /etc/fstab according to the
> instructions in the RedHat online manual like this:
> /dev/sda5	/mnt/win_h	vfat	noauto,owner,users 0 0
> But it is not mounted when I restart. 

Of course not, because you are explicitly telling it not to do
so with the "noauto" parameter.  You might want to give those 
instructions another read, and/or take a look at the fstab manpage :-)

Red Hat does let you set that up automatically during the install,
but it seems you elected not to, or you wouldn't be doing it
by hand now.  But that's fine, doing it by hand is good for you.
Also, I believe it should be "user" to let any user mount/unmount
it, rather than "users."

Are you really sure you want anyone to be able to mount/unmount
that partition?  It's also redundant to specify both "owner" and
"user" to mount it, because whoever the owner is (probably your
userid, or you wouldn't have set it this way in the first place),
that is also a user.  Unless there is some really good reason why
"user" is being specified, it would be better to restrict that to

Standard wisdom, of course, is that only root should be allowed
to mount and unmount partitions, so that is better still.  Unless
of course there is some really good reason to set that to
"owner," but you'll have a hard time convincing people of that,
I bet.


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