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[tlug] Partition Mounting Strategies

Today I took the plunge and installed RedHat 7.3 in place of Mandrake.
It will obviously take a bit of playing around to get used to some of
the differences, but one thing I noticed off the bat is that RH, in the
basic configuration, does not automatically mount my CD drives and
Windows partitions the way that Mandrake did. 

I had some cron backup jobs that had been copying to my external USB
drive, which is a FAT Windows partition. I can access it by mounting the
partition before running each backup, but it would be simpler for me if
I could just have this (and a couple of other partitions) just mounted
on startup.

I tried to accomplish this by editing /etc/fstab according to the
instructions in the RedHat online manual like this:

/dev/sda5	/mnt/win_h	vfat	noauto,owner,users 0 0

But it is not mounted when I restart. Can someone tell me what I need to
do here?



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