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Re: [tlug] Secret Cabal TLUG ML?

On Fri, Jun 07, 2002 at 12:16:12PM +0900,
Jean-Christian Imbeault wrote:

> I remember seeing a post a few months back about a some secret, for 
> hard-core TLUG'ers only ML, by invitation only cabal-like ML.
> If such a thing does exists would it be possible to sign-up with read-only 
> privileges? (i.e. no posting allowed)
> I know that I could not contribute to such a list but would certainly get a 
> lot out of just reading the posts.

Psst! Here is the secret subscription information. Get a pencil ready!

Send mail to asking to subscribe. It'll be a while before
someone will respond; the list being what it is, a human being has to read it
and approve you. Be patient, and do NOT, under any circumstances, try to find
out what actually is; the mere act of running nslookup on the
host name will alert the irritable cabal BOFH to your nosy behavior, and you
will get blacklisted for life. Not pleasant, I assure you.

Oh, and please delete this mail immediately--the TLUG cabal is everywhere,
and I'm running a great risk in sending you this information unencrypted. Do
not tell anyone who gave you the above information, and whatever you do, do
NOT forward this mail to public mailing lists!

Shimpei Yamashita                     
You can't have everything. Where would you put it?    -- Steve Wright

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