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Re: [tlug] Secret Cabal TLUG ML?

On Fri, Jun 07, 2002 at 02:08:44PM +1000, Jim Breen wrote:

> one of the basic rules of the STC (Secret TLUG Cabal) is that we don't talk
> about it in public.

They haven't reached the 33rd degree yet.  They'll need more indoctrination
before the mysteries of the Inner Circle can be imparted.  Once they can
reconcile the command-line options of dd with the Tao of POSIX without their
heads exploding, their journey to the Dark Side will have been completed.

Er, the nurse is here with my medication now.

-- Chris
           GPG key FEB9DE7F (91AF 4534 4529 4BCC 31A5  938E 023E EEFB FEB9 DE7F)

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