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Re: [tlug] Sendmail Not Working?

lists ( wrote:

> By default, sendmail does not accept network connections from any host other
> than the local computer.

Red Hat's default install comes configured to listen on port 25, so
you shouldn't have had to do anything to get it working, it should
have just worked.  If you still have the original Red Hat around, you might want to put it back in place, edit
it for options such as Smarthost if you will be using one,
and go.  I've never bothered with .mc files, b/c unless you're
modifying rulesets, it's easier to just edit  If
you are modifying rulesets, it's easier to just change to a different
mailer, one with a human-readable config file  :-)

In the case of Red Hat, there's one other file to look at:
/etc/sysconfig/sendmail, which contains the startup options for
sendmail.  To listen on port 25, it should look like this:


Which means "Listen for external connections, and do a 
queue run every 5 minutes."   If you want to process queued mail
(this is outoing mail, not inbound) either more or less often
than every 5 minutes, adjust the QUEUE parameter.

These options are used by the /etc/rc.d/init.d/sendmail startup
script to start sendmail with the -bd and -q5m flags.

> ( Two sendmail packages there - I assume I can just rpm -e sendmail-8.9.3-20
> ? )

Assuming the one you're actually using is 8.11, yes.


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