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[tlug] Sendmail Not Working?

Helllo [again],

After adjusting my firewall and route settings according to the Linux IP
Masquerade HOWTO, internal machines are now able to access the big, bad
Internet. Thanks for the help there.

I think I am on the final snag now - Sendmail. I can send mail, but not
receive. Google dug up this: , the
latter part of which contains instructions on how to get Sendmail to accept
external connections:


Sendmail Will Not Accept Outside Connections After Installation

By default, sendmail does not accept network connections from any host other
than the local computer. If you want to configure sendmail as a server for
other clients, please edit /etc/mail/ and change DAEMON_OPTIONS
to also listen on network devices, or comment out this option all together.
You will need to regenerate /etc/ by running:

[ /root]#m4 /etc/mail/ > /etc/

(NOTE: You must have the sendmail-cf package installed for this to work.)

# rpm -qa | grep sendmail

( Two sendmail packages there - I assume I can just rpm -e sendmail-8.9.3-20
? )

I followed the steps above and edited /etc/mail/, rebuilt, etc., but still get a connection error when I try to check

Any steps I'm missing here?


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