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Re: [tlug] RH 6.2 -> 7.2 : Masq and PHP/MySQL problems

On Fri, Jun 07, 2002 at 12:54:24PM +0900, Matt Doughty wrote:
> On Fri, Jun 07, 2002 at 12:55:12PM +0900, lists wrote:
> > querade-HOWTO.html#IPMASQ-INTRO1.0 , and it seems to infer that I have to
> > recompile my kernel... Is this really necessary right after an upgrade? I
> > guess I expected 7.2 to come with Masq support for the new iptables method
> > built in... Any thoughts?

You can use iptables or ipchains without having to rebuild
the kernel.

> 7.2 uses iptables, I imagine your NAT stuff used ipchains. You probably
> need to convert.

But the RedHat kernel does ship with the ipchains.o
"compatibility layer", so when that is loaded, the old rules
should continue to work.  (And in fact, the default RH 'lokkit'
configuration uses ipchains.) If 'lsmod' doesn't show the
'ipchains' module being loaded, you might try manually loading
it with modprobe or insmod, before trying to insert your rules.

Jim Tittsler                                         GPG: 0x01159DB6
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