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Re: [tlug] MySQL vs Oracle

>>>>> "Jc" == Jean-Christian Imbeault <> writes:

    Jc> should instead "thin of the future" and go with Oracle.

Of course.  If you go with Open Source, any Tooru, Dan, or Haruo can
learn how to use it and tweak it.  Using proprietary that you've paid
lots of money for credentials^Wtraining in how to use is your _meal
ticket_ man.  "Think of the future", don't you realize this recession
could continue another 10 years?

    Jc> I kept asking for "proof" but all I could get was "everyone
    Jc> knows this, how come you don't?"

Well, he probably is right that Oracle is faster than some things.
Probably not faster than MySQL.  But who needs that kind of speed?
Only the poor schmucks at Kishocho who will be lucky if they can
simulate tomorrow's weather by next month.  Ask instead how many 1GHz
CPUs the TCO for Oracle will buy.

    Jc> I'll be doing a quick search on the net to see if I can find
    Jc> any numbers to show that MySQL isn't *that* bad/slow.

Well ... I'd watch out if I were you.  The poster child for OSS is
SourceForge, which runs on _PostgreSQL_, but offers MySQL services for
the projects' own uses (which are much smaller than SourceForge
itself).  Hmm....

I'm surprised he doesn't tell you that MySQL fails the ACID test.  For
a rant that you should be able to defend against if you want to argue
MySQL vs. Oracle, see
I don't know how much of it is still true.  Here's a link from Tim
Perdue (SourceForge database geek) benchmarking some databases from
that page:

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