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Re: [tlug] MySQL vs Oracle

benchmark page

this should do good if your site expects more or less the same amount of

Oracle may or may not scale better - you should really assess what the
expected load will be on your site and then compare it against their
benchmark sheet.

Going with an expensive product comes with an advantage of holding someone
responsible in case there is a failure.  (Well, maybe in not every case
... so if you're going to counter-propose something, present your proposal
NICELY to the management, and if your boss says otherwise despite your
logical argument, then have his words in email so that your bum will be
covered later on)

On Wed, 5 Jun 2002, Jean-Christian Imbeault wrote:

> Just had a heated argument with a japanese system consultant. He wouldn't
> stop shouting about how Oracle could handle tables with large ammounts of
> data (2 million items plus) whereas MySQL qould be slow and therefore we
> shouldn't use MySQL on our web site and should instead "thin of the future"
> and go with Oracle. I kept asking for "proof" but all I could get was
> "everyone knows this, how come you don't?"
> I'll be doing a quick search on the net to see if I can find any numbers to
> shw that MySQL isn't *that* bad/slow.
> I was just wondering if anyone had any quick links to any comparisons
> between MySQL and Oracle??
> Jc

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