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Debian PowerPC w/NEC Aterm IT42 w/Flets ISDN


This is my first post here, and please excuse me if I ask a question 
that may have been asked a million times before, but my search for the 
mailing list archives for 'flets' and 'ISDN' didn't turn up much for 

As per the title, I'm trying to get Flets ISDN working.  I'm running a 
NEC Aterm IT42 on CDC mode.  It works fine under MacOS X, but under 
Debian, I get a "NO CARRIER" whenever I try to dial out.

I haven't mucked around that much yet, but if anyone has any hints/clues 
that would ease the process, I'd appreciated it.  Not that I don't like 
a bit of discomfort, but I don't get to play with Linux as much as I 
want to, so I'd like things to get up and running ASAP.

Thanks for any help!


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