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Re: USB CF readers and Linux

Christopher SEKIYA ( wrote:

> I've got one -- it's an Adtec AD-SMR model AD-FLSM.  Got it at Sakuraya
> in Shibuya.

Saw one at Sakuraya in Shinjuku, but my hopes were dashed - it was
smartmedia only, not compact flash.  Unfortunately, smartmedia is just
a plus, but compact flash is what I need. I guess if Adtec has a CF version,
it wasn't in stock there.  Anybody else got another one that works
with Linux, or know where to get a CF model from Adtec?

> a proprietary method -- I kept buying readers until I found one that did
> the right thing.

I hope to avoid that fate :-)  How about a list of the ones you bought
that are known to not work?



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