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Re: About burning a linux dist on CD

Kyle Wright wrote:

> > I did burn the CD with RedHat 7.1 ja version in ISO format. And I know that
> > my system can boot from CD-ROM drive. I've done it before with both Linux
> > and win2k installation CDs. The only thing that I might not have done
> You don't burn the ISO image onto the CD, you use the ISO image to burn
> a new data CD.  There is a big difference you know.  The ISO image
> contains the information necessary to create a CD.  The burning app
> knows how to use the ISO image to do so.  However, if you simply burn
> the ISO image onto a CD as you would simply store it onto your hard
> drive, it is useless for installation.

You do burn the ISO onto the cd, as it is  a filesystem and needs no
transformation when written to cd.
That's why you can mount an ISO image through the loop device just like a normal
Maybe you're confusing it with the CUE cd image format or something else.
See mkisofs(8)


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