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Re: XIM, kinput2 & Tk

>>>>> "Mike" == Mike Fabian <> writes:

    Mike> kterm doesn't use [LC_CTYPE] for conversion purposes, it
    Mike> just uses it to decide whether to use XIM:

I understand that; the point is that LC_CTYPE is about the internal
structure (classification into alpha, num, hex; collation order, etc)
of the character set, something quite different from the question of
I/O protocols.

XEmacs, for example, will internally reset LC_CTYPE in certain cases
to guarantee that programs that parse natural language text will see
the expected ordering after sorting.

    Mike> There are no setlocale() calls in kterm using LANG. I this
    Mike> wrong?

I think so.

    Mike> I patched it with the following patch to make it work with
    Mike> glibc 2.2:

Kterm evidently goes to some effort to flexibly work with the
locales.  Why do you short-circuit kterm's facilities this way?

    Mike> Why did the kterm developers use LC_CTYPE?

I don't know.  In general it is very dangerous to use the specific
LC_* categories, because programs can and do manipulate them to get
specific effects on text handling in the context of the basic locale
defined by LANG.  That's why LANG is lowest precedence in general.

    Mike> RedHat (6.2 and 7.0) checks in /etc/X11/xinit/xinitrc.d/xinput
    Mike> for the value of LC_CTYPE to decide whether to start kinput2.

    Mike> Is this wrong?

You ask a Debian user if Red Hat does wrong?  :-)

    >> Are you sure nicolatter is an XIM input manager?

    Mike> Yes, it is an alternative to kinput2. Nicolatter's homepage
    Mike> is here:


    Mike> Is it that bad? Aren't the keybindings to start XIM a user
    Mike> specific setup? So why not put in into $HOME? if $HOME is
    Mike> nfs mounted,

Yes.  They're user-specific.  _Not_ host-specific.  _Not_ filesystem

X11 has a standard way to ensure that your Xserver is set up
correctly, no matter where your home is or where the X server is:
xrdb -display $DISPLAY < ~/.Xresources.  If you use that, you never
have to say:

    Mike> I only thought that it was very confusing that nicolatter
    Mike> did put the keybindings to start XIM in case of Wnn into the
    Mike> file ~/.nicolatter/global, but in case of Canna reads them
    Mike> from ~/.canna. I couldn't find that in nicolatters
    Mike> documentation, so I was surprised why changes to
    Mike> ~/.nicolatter/global didn't work in case of Canna.

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