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Re: XIM, kinput2 & Tk

>>>>> "Mike" == Mike Fabian <> writes:

    Mike> I think several applications look for LC_CTYPE to decide
    Mike> whether they should use XIM or not.

This is broken.  Locale in general is about external representations.
Try: info libc "chararcter set handling" "generic charset conversion"
to see the kinds of problems you get into if you use it for internal /
conversion purposes.

    Mike> Christopher SEKIYA <> writes:

    >> The keybindings are modified via Xdefaults, IIRC.

    Mike> For kinput2. For other XIM servers it may be different.
    Mike> nicolatter for example has the keybindings in it's own
    Mike> config files in ~/.nicolatter/ when it works together with
    Mike> Wnn, but uses the keybindings from ~/.canna if it works
    Mike> together with Canna.

Are you sure nicolatter is an XIM input manager?

If so, that is _even more disgusting_ than the hack I didn't describe
for kinput2.  X apps should never be dependent on host-local config
files, even the X Consortium eventually figured that out.

Sheesh, you might as well use Windows.  Why bother having a network
protocol at all if you're doing bondage with a single machine like

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