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SN_Diamond ( wrote:

> Now, sorry to ruin an excellent joke by adding the following fact:  Once
> upon a time, I used to see advertisements for Microsoft Xenix.  It was a
> real product, before SCO took it over.  Anyone know what happened to SCO?

As Sven notes, SCO was bought by Caldera.

> P.S., off-topic, sorry.  You know IBM's OS/2?  That one used to be a
> Microsoft product too.

Well, yes and no.  OS/2 was originated by IBM, but it was made a
joint project with MS (talk about sleeping with the enemy!) but 
after a while it became really obvious that MS did not have its 
heart in the OS/2 project and IBM and MS went their separate ways.  
IBM finished OS/2 and put out an operating system that was superior
to anything MS was putting on the table (probably still is), but
really dropped the ball on marketing.  They didn't get too many 
software companies and individual developers on board either, and the
end result was a good OS with really few apps and poor marketing. 

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