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Re: About burning a linux dist on CD

It looks like the original confusion was that the ISO image file was 'copied' to
the cd instead of being used to create a filesystem on it.

This will result in a cdrom with a file such as 'redhat71.iso' on it. Not a cd with
the contents of the iso image file. Of course this file can be mounted from the
mounted cdrom through the loopback dev, but thats will not make the cd bootable.


B0Ti wrote:

> Kyle Wright wrote:
> > > I did burn the CD with RedHat 7.1 ja version in ISO format. And I know that
> > > my system can boot from CD-ROM drive. I've done it before with both Linux
> > > and win2k installation CDs. The only thing that I might not have done
> >
> > You don't burn the ISO image onto the CD, you use the ISO image to burn
> > a new data CD.  There is a big difference you know.  The ISO image
> > contains the information necessary to create a CD.  The burning app
> > knows how to use the ISO image to do so.  However, if you simply burn
> > the ISO image onto a CD as you would simply store it onto your hard
> > drive, it is useless for installation.
> >
> You do burn the ISO onto the cd, as it is  a filesystem and needs no
> transformation when written to cd.
> That's why you can mount an ISO image through the loop device just like a normal
> drive.
> Maybe you're confusing it with the CUE cd image format or something else.
> See mkisofs(8)
> --
> B0Ti.

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