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RE: About burning a linux dist on CD

> > Can I just copy a Linux ISO image on a CD, boot up a PC with an FD with
> > boot.img, and start installing from the image from the CD?
> Yep.  You just open your burning application and select the option to
> create a new data CD using an existing layout.  Point it to the ISO
> image you downloaded (ISO formated files are designed so your burning
> program will automatically create a CD "just like" you buy at the
> store).  You won't need a boot FD as long as your PC can boot from your
> CD drive, so you just pop the newly baked CD into your drive, boot your
> PC and the corresponding Linux installation program should start.
> Kyle

Hmm..  interesting. For some reasons, I still can't install the system with
burnt CD...

I did burn the CD with RedHat 7.1 ja version in ISO format. And I know that
my system can boot from CD-ROM drive. I've done it before with both Linux
and win2k installation CDs. The only thing that I might not have done
would be renaming the file name (due to the restrict rule set on the CD-R
software..  some crap like there is illegal char in the file name according
ISO standard) of the ISO image. But I doubt that would be the cause..
Could it be the burner?  hmm..

Oh, I could install the RedHat tho..  I just ftp'ed the file to the hard
disk and
installed from the hard disk partition.

Well, the reason why I even bothered burning the CD was that there were so
many people trying to download new RedHat 7.1 just like myself. And it
that the easiest + safest way is to get the ISO image rather than installing
network. N e wayz, sorry if my questions were rather too novice or stupid.
But I certainly appreciate your input, Kyle.  Thanks a lot.

Duh!! I just found out that my school's ftp server just added the 7.1 en


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