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Re: Tokyo high-speed access

On Tue, Apr 17, 2001 at 01:35:43PM +0100, Simon Cozens wrote:
>     5.1 Tokyu Cable
> [Thanks to Alberto Tomita for this section]
> They use some sort of IP masquerading so that hosts inside their net can
> not be seen from outside. UDP packets are blocked at the gateway. IP
> addresses assigned by DHCP are in the private address space. Their own
> Internet connection is provided by IIJ through a 100Mbps link.
> Internally, they have a 622Mbps ATM backbone connecting their 6
> re-broadcasting stations. Bandwidth from these stations to the cable
> modem is said to be 14.3Mbps (the cable modem rental fee is included in
> the service, 5200 yen per month, or 7000 yen/month for the Internet+CATV
> service -- CATV alone is 3800 yen/month). The cable modem brand is
> "Terayon" A hub
> can be connected to it, allowing more than one computer to be on the net
> (they all get their IP addresses by DHCP).
     5.2 Jcom (Urawa) [1]

They use for their upstream connectivity. Monthly free is around Y6,000
for internet, Y9,800 for internet and cable T.V. You receive one "Dynamic"
IP but I found my IP could forward and reverse lookup, eg 
I nerver had a chance to test setting up a server and doing IP masquerating
because I moved to tokyo :-( 
Found speeds of 700 Kbps down. 

BTW, Tokyo classified just ran an article covering this topic.

[1] note Jcom Urawa and Jcom Tokyo are two different companies.


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