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Re: Tokyo high-speed access

On Wed, 18 Apr 2001 11:24:51 +0900
Jack Morgan <> wrote:

>      5.2 Jcom (Urawa) [1]
> They use for their upstream connectivity. Monthly free is around Y6,000
> for internet, Y9,800 for internet and cable T.V. You receive one "Dynamic"
> IP but I found my IP could forward and reverse lookup, eg 
> I nerver had a chance to test setting up a server and doing IP masquerating
> because I moved to tokyo :-( 
> Found speeds of 700 Kbps down. 
> BTW, Tokyo classified just ran an article covering this topic. 
> [1] note Jcom Urawa and Jcom Tokyo are two different companies.
> JMorgan 

same also for Kanagawa/Yokosuka/Zushi area. Served by cable TV provider CATY (, likely the whole Miura-Hanto and Shonan up to Fujisawa and Chigasaki. Connects to (J-COM Shonan). Although the service is generally in Japanese, they provided an installation instruction in English, and have two English speaking technicians.
Standard is 1 public IP address via DHCP, more addresses can be ordered, Terayon cable modem used. 
Recently I made a FTP download from a site in Kyoto with 80kB/s, measuring with bandwidth sites mentioned in ealier postings reveal very strange results: one site displayed a down stream speed higher than T1. Anyway, it is fast enaugh for SWR3 radio from Germany :-).
Greetings from the beach,

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