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mutt and Japanese

Thanks for your replies.  I realise this is an old and pretty worn

I think I now have good Japanese support in a SUSE 7.1PPC default Mutt.

I went to download the sources via

Just before I was about to build and patch, I read mutt-1.3.17i-ja0/mutt-ja.rc
and found some settings in there.  I applied them to my .muttrc and
after commenting out the lines that produced errors, I now have a
working Mutt with Japanese support.  Well, at least my tests seem
OK.  I can send and receive in Japanese.  Subject headings are in
Japanese in the Mutt index and sending to Netscape Messenger seems
to work OK, too.  I use a kterm, cannaserver, kinput2 and run Mutt with
the LANG=ja_JP command in an English environment.

I'd like to test it one last time. Can you read this?


I am using the default SUSE 7.1 PPC with the default Mutt 1.3.12i-0.
I have no idea whether Japanse support was built into this

I'd like to add that Mike Fabian, of SUSE and also on this list has
done a great job with the latest SUSE dist.  Japanese support is very
good and the documentation is in good progress and seemingly tireless....



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