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Re: ADSL problems with LAN hub

Jean-Christian Imbeault wrote:

> Eventually. I'm pretty new to Linux and the idea of installing a firewall
> and configuring ipchains sounds daunting. Is it that bad or does it just
> sound bad?

It is not that difficult. You can find scripts to help you configuring you
firewall. I recommend seawall (, it does a
pretty good job to configure NAT and filtering, and it is easy to configure (I
had to tweak a little bit to make it even more secure).
The difficulty is to make sure it is secure, i.e. you need to change a lot of
things if for example you install a classic linux distribution. You may want to
try a trimmed down linux install, which fits on a floppy :

> That plus the fact that the only cheap PC I have here is an old AMD 200MHz
> ... trying to install Linux on that would certainly be interesting. I'd also
> have to pay for two new LAN cards ^_^

I bought a used laptop for 30,000 yen, it does a perfect job for this purpose!
It is a pentium 90Mhz, and that's no problem at all. I'm sure you can find even
cheaper one (486...) - and you can find a brand new ethernet card for less than
1000 yen!


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